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I have my life back and I wanna share it.

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Posted 11 October 2005 - 01:49 PM

Good for you. You deserve it.

Listen, a suggetion. I hope you won't mind, but I think more people may benefit from what you did if you could possibly find the time to make your story and what you did a lot shorter, with much much less to read.
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Posted 10 October 2005 - 09:47 PM

This really works. I am 100% back from UC. I feel awesome.


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Posted 04 November 2005 - 08:15 PM


Wow, someone who gets me. Thank you. I have tried sharing this info on this and other forums and I'm just the odd, possibly crazy enema guy. Thank you for the recognition of my reasoning as you truly do get me and why I have done this. There truly is a science behind my thinking which is backed by profuse research on actual documented info.

And thank you for pointing out the justification for such an extreme treatment. This justification being that when UC gets to the 11th hour you are willing to try anything. I blithely went about my sharing thinking everyone's experience with UC was the same as mine. Not at all. Most peoples' UC was diagnosed early. Mine wasn't caught until it just about killed me. I truly had nothing to lose as the doctors were recommending my colon be removed, I had lost 90 lbs over about 6 months, I was anemic and I suffered a major pulmonary embolism. I was at the end of my rope and this treatment brought me back. It's that simple. Sticking this stuff up my ###zz not only saved my life but gave it back to me.

Currently I have found a reliable replacement for lobelia as lobelia's sedative effect is a poor fit for my construction job. I currently use fresh crushed garlic along with boiled cabbage water and slippery elm concoction with even more incredible results. With the garlic my strength, weight and vitality are returning. I feel freakin' incredible. I feel robust again.

I reason that whereas lobelia took away the inflammation, garlic perhaps has taken away the inflammatory antigen. Fresh, raw crushed garlic juice is a potent natural antibiotic, and perhaps UC is due to a bacterial agent.

Incidentally, I discovered that the enterohepatic circulation, the vein network which exclusively carries venous blood from the intestines to the liver and then to the rest of the body is a most efficient medicine delivery system.

Dig this. Within a minute of the fresh crushed garlic solution entering my colon, the strongest taste of garlic begins to fill my mouth.

Think about this. Allicin, that antibiotic component of freshly crushed garlic juice is antibacterial and antifungal.

Recently my family shared a nasty cold, a sharing which I invariably never escape. This time I was untouched. My toenail fungus which has afflicted me for years, is now shriveling up and dissipating to reveal healthy nail bed beneath. I feel young and robust again, strong and healthy. I truly feel incredible.

Now maybe I feel no better than any other healthy person, but compared to where I've come from I feel like a whole new man. I have my life back and I want to shout it to the world.

Apparently the world doesn't wanna hear about my ass. Can't say as I blame them, but it doesn't change the truth of my recovery.


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Posted 05 September 2005 - 07:52 PM

I'm exhausted reading this, but think you should be thanked for caring enough to list all your success in such detail. And congratulations on your research and resolve.

I think it's wonderful what you have done for yourself.

And don't be concerned about discussing the most embarassing or gross (to others) facts on this forum. Everything is discussed here, however gross.

I like it that you have taken charge of your own body because, as I always say, you are more important to you than you can possibly be to any doctor.
And GI doctors, alas, are not knowledgeable enough about alternative options and don't want to put the time and energy into learning - it's easier to get their knowledge from the drug companies. And we know what that means.

I hope your methods can help someone else. For myself, I am not into enemas!!! I'm just not.

I just hope enough people read what you wrote - it is rather long!
With no paras.
and thank you again.
It's a holiday weekend, rather slow, but more will be back next week.
Crohn's ileitis. Mild.


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Posted 05 November 2005 - 11:13 AM


Here is one of my theories on the possible link between UC and antibiotics and the role I believe garlic plays in the treatment of UC.

I recently read an article which drew a strong correlation between Chron's, Ulcerative Colitis and Antibiotic use. The article stated that prior to the introduction of manufactured antibiotics both UC and Chron's were relatively nonexistent. The spread of Chron's and UC has been graphed in direct proportion the spread and increasing frequency of antibiotic use over the last fifty or so years.

The theory is that widespread antibiotic use has bred antibiotic resistant mutated variants of normally present intestinal bacteria which overpopulate the intestines yet have mutated past the point of "friendly bacteria" recognition by the immune system. Hence, the broadspectrum antibiotic is used to no effect, leading to the possibly faulty conclusion that UC and Chron's are not bacterial and that it must be an auto-immune disease. Perhaps the body's immune system, which has functioned properly prior to UC or Chron's, really does know what it is doing and actually is attacking an invasive yet unrecognized germ. Unrecognized because it looks just like the ever present E. Coli but is slightly different.

Recent resesearch has isolated the gene of an mutated E.Coli variant and introduced this mutant into rats. Guess what happens to perfectly healthy rats with no sign of UC? They immediately get UC and start bleeding internally. This happens every time the mutant E.Coli is introduced with a 100% success rate.

I initially felt that Ibuprofen caused my UC, as it is proven to cause breakdown of the intestinal epithelial layer. Due to injuries right prior to my initial hospitalization with UC I was consuming large amounts of doctor prescribed Ibuprofen. But I was also on large doses of broad spectrum antibiotics. I also took antibiotics like clockwork every fall with my yearly upper respiratory infection.

Recently I experienced something with a change in my enema regimen. I finally was able to eliminate the anti-inflammatory herb lobelia from my enema mixture(desirable due to excess sedative effect). I had found no anti-inflammatory equivalent herb to rival lobelia and was just about to resign myself to the drowsiness attendant to Lobelia use until I discovered raw, freshly crushed garlic.

Garlic is a potent natural antibiotic as well as posessing many other medicinal qualities. Garlic has a natural defense against bacterial or fungal infection. When invasive bacteria or fungus begin to break down Garlic's tissues a wonderful defense is called to action. Two chemicals are released from broken cells to synergistically join together and form the potent antibacterial and antifungal compound allicin. This compound kills the aggressing organism and halts further invasion and decomposition of the garlic bulb thus prolonging the bulb's existence.

The compound allicin can do the same for our tissues. Allicin is only active for minutes after it is synergistically created and must be utilized immediately after its' release from crushing the fresh, raw garlic clove.

I added fresh crushed garlic juice to a plain boiled cabbage enema concoction and recieved the same anti-inflammatory results as Lobelia. How was this possible? Garlic is not an anti-inflammatory. My pondering has led me to the following conclusions.

Lobelia treats the inflammation. Garlic treats the inflammation causing antigen, or bacteria. Garlic has been proven to kill all bacteria and bacteria cannot mount a resistance to it. In virtually all cases, the addition of fresh crushed garlic juice to any petri dish has resulted in absolute annhilation of the bacteria, every time.

Since my fresh crushed garlic enemas I have felt incredible in a way that even the Lobelia didn't deliver. My vigor has returned and I no longer get sick. Everytime sickness came into my household before, I was sure to get it. Recently, my whole family ran the gamut of a nasty cold. It didn't touch me. A first time ever that I escaped the family sickness sharing syndrome.

I believe that my immune system does know what it is doing, it just needed a little help.


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Posted 16 November 2005 - 12:50 AM


All I can say is that this stuff gave me my life back. I have tried and tried to share this info to no avail as it seems people have a real taboo when it comes to enemas. I am 33 but UC had reduced me to feeling 83. I feel young and robust again. The only med I take is Asacol and nutritional supplements in conjunction with my nightly enemas.

What can I say, the stuff I concocted out of desperation saved my life. I truly feel like I have my life back.

I have posted numerous times on a forum called HealingWell in response to many questions which may be similar to your own. I would recommend that if you are interested to visit there, go to the UC forum and do a search using my screen name "plumeister". If you have any additional questions I would be more than happy to answer you.


Big Al

P.S. As far as the Prednisone goes, after having been on it I think its the devil drug. Prednisone trashes the human body. It's proven and yet still it is prescribed long term, something which is contraindicated in its use guidelines. Get off it as soon as you can. Just remember that you must be gradually weaned off of Prednisone. Abrupt cessation is not recommended.


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Posted 03 September 2005 - 05:58 PM

Posted 18 September 2005 06:51 AM
I know the following some may find wordy, hard to follow, or poorly written. I apologize. I'm a very verbose plumber, not a skilled writer. I know I am talking at length about my pooper but if you'll bear with me and take my words and methods into consideration, I firmly believe absolute relief awaits you. For I have found it.

I know this disease manifests in many different fashions for different people. I just wanted to share my experience and observations in hopes I might strike a chord in someone suffering in the same fashion and perhaps validate my theories as to what my body is going through. If your experience is similar to mine you have found that the medical community offers little in the way of true understanding of this disease and its causes.

Ulcerative Colitis is an autoimmune disease, or so we're told. As the story goes, our body's immune system, even though it's been functioning flawlessly for many years, all of a sudden goes haywire and attacks the colon with inflammation and a massive influx of t-cells. Then there's the theory that ulcerative colitis is caused by a mutant strain of E.Coli. There's even recent research to back this up, as they have isolated this mutant E.Coli gene, injected it in rats and thus induced ulcerative colitis in rats. All to no avail for each of us. Massive doses of broad spectrum antibiotics cannot cure Ulcerative Colitis, thus putting the kibosh on the mutant E. Coli theory. That is the glorious sumtotal of the medical establishment's understanding of ulcerative colitis.

I want to keep my colon so I have researched and read up on this condition like a man possessed. Conventional medicine, with the exception of Asacol and mesalamine enemas has done nothing for me. Many of the medications made me even worse. Prednisone gave me pancreatitis and subsequent temporary diabetes. Oh, and my favorite; the Prednisone moon face. Immunosuppressive drugs gave me pneumonia. Even the Asacol and mesalamine enemas were of limited effectiveness to me. I desperately turned to alternative herbal therapies and they have worked for me.

Understand that in my first hospital stay I almost died from major red blood cell loss and had to fight them to keep my colon from being cut out. Then they wouldn't let me out until I had stopped bleeding and my high fever and tachycardia went away. I was able to get discharged after 7 days in ICU and three days in a step down ICU. From what I understand most people in my condition have had total colectomy. For most of you in the earlier stages of this disease I'm sure you don't identify. I've had lesser symptoms for years but had gone undiagnosed until I lost 100 lbs. over 6 months. I guess such a drastic weight change was finally enough to encourage my doctors to truly look into the problem and discover the underlying condition.

My Ulcerative Colitis made my life a living hell. Intense joint pain, high fever, nausea, almost debilitating abdominal pain, greatly distended and tender abdomen, rampant canker sores covering the inside of my mouth, massive hemmoraging with a great deal of blood in the stools, large amounts of pus in the stools, and I couldn't seem to get enough water in me, causing dehydration. And the coup' de etat, blood clotting with subsequent DVT and a massive Pulmonary Embolism. I had won the lottery in Ulcerative Colitis severity. I was a messed up unit. So please forgive me the ensuing candid discussion on my backside. Those of you with minor complications of this disease, I'm certain you'll find my sense of decorum somewhat lacking. I've been there. The last thing you want to do is discuss your bowel movements with someone else. However, this disease tried to kill me and in my opinion the gloves are off. I want to get to the bottom(no pun intended) of this disease and be cured. God willing, I'm going to find it and then I'm going to share it with the world. I refuse to be afflicted with this disease any further.

I have found absolute relief from my symptoms through an enema treatment I have devised through extensive reading on herbs and observation of my own condition. I am back to the way life was before this nightmare! The only exception being the enemas and supplements I do daily in order to maintain my remission. It really works. Even with my highly active UC I am leading a normal life. I truly only have to go #2 once or twice a day. I have no abdominal pain. The accompanying pain, malaise and every other awful symptom go away with this treatment. Within one or two days of stopping my treatment the symptoms return, so I know this is not just the happenstance of a remission, this stuff is actually working!

I'll state what I do for treatment. No, you don't have to buy it from me, I am really just trying to help by sharing my experience. You can take it for what it's worth and do what you will with it. I'm not advocating any treatment or making a prescription. I'm a plumber, not doctor. So, here it is.

Every night before retiring to bed I put 1 gallon of water into a pot. Into this water I add about two tablespoons of dried lobelia leaves and stems, two tablespoons of dried witchhazel leaves and seeds, and a large pinch of shredded slippery Elm bark. This amounts seems to work best for me. I mix it up and bring the concoction to a boil. I boil it for 5-10 minutes then let cool to 105 degrees, no hotter. I use a thermometer. The last thing I want is a burned colon. This yields about three quarts after the boil-off and small amount left in the pot to retain the sediment. I then strain this concoction through a wire mesh strainer into another container. This concoction then goes into a 1.5 litre enema bag hung off my towel hook and I proceed to give myself an anti-inflammatory colonic.

Almost immediately I begin to feel relief as the mixture takes down the inflammation within the colon. A wonderful sense of relief is rather palpable upon administration.

To speak plainly I kneel down, put my my head on the floor, my backside in the air and let the concoction flow into my colon. 1.5 liters of inflammation mediating relief. The colon, now shrunk back down to normal inside diameter, releases profuse amounts of hard, nasty smelling stools, as these stools are no longer trapped within the inflamed folds of the colon.

My first time I almost filled the toilet to overflowing with these hard, nasty stools. The relief I felt was almost instantaneous. My malaise disappeared. My mental clarity returned. I could bend down and touch my toes without extreme abdominal pain. I didn't have to go #2 all the next day.

Now, this enema empties out the colon. With the colon wall open and accessible, I then inject an enema from a Rowasa enema bottle comprised of the following: 1/2 vitamin E oil and 1/2 of Rowasa mesalimine enema solution. I keep the enema position with my butt in the air for about 5 minutes then lie down flat on my back and go to sleep. The Rowasa mediates the inflammation while the Vitamin E oil coats the now exposed damaged epithelial layer of the colon in a healing bath of Vitamin E. Vitatmin E promotes rapid healing of the skin, we know this. The epithelial layer of the colon is its' skin.

The next morning I arise refreshed and pain free and proceed to go about my day symptom free. No pain, no sharts, no looking frantically for a bathroom everywhere I go. I no longer carry extra underwear. I can actually fart without fear(only when I'm alone however, I do have some sense of decency). My life is good. Ulcerative colitis no longer runs my life and my condition has improved greatly. My last colonoscopy showed an incredible amount of healing had taken place. My gastroenterologist was impressed enough to note the incredible healing in his notes(I get all of my records from my doctors). In short, this is working for me.

Again, I'm no doctor, I'm a plumber. Everyone is different and different things work for different people.

Also, on a side note, just wanted to mention that this is what got me out of the hospital. I had read up on these herbs previous to going to the hospital, but like probably most of you, was hesitant to stick something up my butt. When informed they were probably going to cut my colon out, as my fever and bleeding were not stopping and my colon was greatly swollen and enlarged, I had my wife make this stuff up and sneak it into me. I would sneak into a bathroom and do this in the hospital. The bleeding stopped, the fever went away, and I was discharged.

This has worked for me, I make no claims of efficacy in anyone else.

Just a point to ponder; Lobelia is a strong alkaloid and is toxic in large quantities and with prolonged use. I counter this by drinking lots of water and taking milk thistle seed extract(it supports and protects the liver, medically proven in Germany!) In comparison, Mesalamine, the ingredient of Asacol and Rowasa enemas, was shown in studies to cause liver impairment in lab rats at the equivalent rate of 4000mg/day in humans. Yet I still take 3600mg a day orally and 2000mg a day rectally.

Why do I believe this works. Careful observation of my condition with lots of research and large amounts of pondering have led me to the following conclusions.

My diagnosis followed several joint injuries, the likes of which were treated with massive doses of doctor prescribed Ibuprofen. This, I believe, was the cause of my Ulcerative Colitis. Here is why I think so.

Ibuprofen, or Advil as we know it , is a rather ubiquitous pharmaceutical. Widely and profusely partaken of as a pain killer. Ibuprofen is a COX-1 inhibitor. While the inhibition of the cyclooxygenase 1 enzyme stops pain, it also stops something else. Cox-1 performs the vital function of protecting the epithelial layer which lines the surfaces of the gastrointestinal tract from the erosive digestive enzymes and caustic byproducts of the gut.

The body is like a donut. The gastrointestinal tract is actually outside of the body proper. It is a hole lengthwise through the center of our bodies. So, the body is a donut. The epithelial cells which line this donut hole function just like the skin on the very apparently outside of our bodies. They protect the underlying flesh from undesirable contact with harmful and irritating elements while still allowing good elements through to nourish the underlying flesh.

Epithelial cells are just like skin for the gastrointestinal tract, albeit very highly specialized skin. The COX-1 enzyme protects this skin from erosion by the caustic digestive enzymes and byproducts of the gut. Take lots of Ibuprofen, and your gut's skin starts getting holes in it.

Now, we all have allergies of some sort or another. Get an allergen on your skin, it doesn't do much. Our skin protects us from irritation and inflammation caused by allergens and antigens. When we go to the Allergist for an allergy test what does he do? He injects an allergen(substance which provokes an allergic histamine response) under the skin and watches for a histamine response and its' attendant swelling which produces a small bump at the injection site. This small bump is a micro manifestation of inflammation. Also, if you scrape the skin off your knee in a fall and don't clean the scrape of all the antigens(germs which provoke an antibody response) what happens? It becomes red and inflamed. Let it go untreated for long enough it will become so inflamed that just touching it makes it ooze pus(exhudate, or wasted T-cells expended in the fight against infection) and bleed readily. The colon is no different. The inside of the colon, just like the outside world, is full of germs and irritants. These germs and irritants are held at bay by the epithelial layer. Breach that epithelial layer and what do you have? Voila! An inflamed colon that oozes pus and bleeds readily, just like the skinned, infected knee. This problem is further compounded by the fact the wound is continually bathed in the filth and bacteria of the continual effluent of human waste. The wound can never get clean without superhuman effort on the part of the immune system. So the immune system goes into overdrive, packing the affected area with t-cells and blood supply in effort to heal the epithelial breach.

Then a terrible cycle of events unfolds into the self perpetuating hell that is Ulcerative Colitis. The inflammation caused by this throng of t-cell activity swells the colon almost shut. I have seen pictures of my colonoscopy, and that is exactly what it does.

If you have ever experienced a sprain you know that the muscles don't work so well in the area of the sprain, as they are rendered somewhat inoperable due to the swelling attendant to the sprain. Inflammation is swelling, and the colon is no different.

When the colon is inflamed, it too is rendered somewhat inoperable. The very important functions of peristalsis(muscular contractions of the colon in order to propel waste onward through the colon) and osmotic transfer(the moving of water into or out of the colon through the colon wall in order to maintain optimum stool consistency) become very hindered. The solids within the stools are trapped within the swollen and inflamed folds of the colon while the liquids are expressed onward to exit as watery diarrhea.

Go to the sink, pick up a water soaked sponge in your hands. Wrap your hands around the sponge and squeeze. This is what is happening in your colon. Your hands are the colon, the sponge is the wet stool. Inflammation is the squeezing action upon your stools which expresses the water from them and leaves hardened unmoving stools behind, trapped in the inflamed folds of the colon.

The normal colon recovers a large amount of water from the spent digestive chyme that enters the colon from the small intestine. Yes, Believe it or not, you drink a large amount of water through your ass. This water is absorbed through the colon wall and hydrates the body. The diseased colon does not effectively perform this absorbtive function and this excess water, with nowhere else to go, presses onward to jet forth from the colon always at the most inopportune times, one of the many joys of Ulcerative Colitis.

These trapped hardened stools move rather recalcitrantly through the inflamed colon and always at great pain to the individual thus afflicted. As ineffectual peristalsis works futilly at moving these trapped stools the epithelial layer is further damaged as it is abraded against these hardened, unmoving stools.

This epithelial layer is further attacked as the trapped stools, long overdue for exit, further decompose. These rotting stools change what should be a slightly acidic ph in the colon to very acidic ph. Acid causes tissues to break down.

The continual passage of water jetting through the tight recesses of space between the trapped stools and the deteriorating colon wall further erode the failing epithelial layer like a pressure washer shooting under and lifting off the layer of paint upon your car. More and more of the protective epithelial layer sloughs away, exposing more raw flesh beneath this protective intestinal skin to inflammation-causing antigens and allergens, thus intensifying and perpetuating this cycle of epithelial destruction.

This watery diarrhea also washes away the main energy source for epithelial cell function and reproduction, Butyrate. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid produced only in the colon(with the exception of cow milkfat), a byproduct of the fermentation of cellulose, or plant fiber. With this decreased butyrate fuel source and extremely erosive environment the epithelial cells fail to repopulate fast enough to overcome this vicious cycle.

As the inflammation intensifies, exhudate(pus) begins to manifest in the diarrhea, then blood. The unmoving stools begin to pile up and fester, producing gas. Bloating, and the abdomen begins to grossly distend as the colon fills almost to the breaking point. Fresh chyme(mixture of food, water and digestive enzymes) exiting the small intestine has no place to go and begins backing up into the small intestine. We begin to vomit. We shun eating, as every meal prompts the bowel to attempt to evacuate in order to make room for the incoming waste and throws us into awful pain as the raw open flesh of the colon is rubbed anew against already trapped stools. The lymphatic system becomes overloaded as lymph nodes swell in the attempt to do the overwhelming job of removing the intracellular byproducts of this inflammation from the interstitial spaces of the affected tissues(ie: six feet of inflamed colon). Sores break out all over the insides of the mouth. The pain causes us to cease eating anything solid altogether and we just want to die.

With a break in the influx of incoming waste from this self imposed fast, the colon slowly and painfully begins catch back up, somehow liquefying these hardened stools in order that they might pass through the inflamed colon. With this much needed break in the action, the colon begins to heal. We start to feel better, resume eating, and here we go again.

If we're not so lucky, the colon fills or stretches to the breaking point and then does. This is Toxic Megacolon and if you do not recognize it and receive medical attention within 48 hours, you have an 80% mortality rate. You die.

I have arrived at these conclusions through extensive reading about the colon and personal observation of my own condition. These observations are as follows:

1. Volume out was not the comparative equivalent of volume in

I would eat, but could pass only a few small solids. This did not make sense as ingesting the same volume of food when I was healthy would produce rather robust stools on a daily basis. Nothing substantial would come out for long periods of time. The more I ate, the more pain I experienced until I had to stop. I only passed watery, pussey and bloody diarrhea. I surmised the waste must be in there somewhere but was trapped, as my abdomen would swell and become extremely painful and hard.

I knew from my colonoscopy pictures that my colon was swollen almost shut. It seemed like a nobrainer to test my hypothesis, a large volume enema made with the strong antiinflammatory herb, Lobelia.

Not to gross you out, but I fillled the toilet bowl almost to the top with hard stools in one shot. Upon evacuating all of this I cannot tell you the almost immediate sense of relief I experienced. I'm not a boob, but I almost cried tears of joy. I know the inflammation is what traps these stools, as I cannot pass anything but water right back out again with only traces of stools when I simply use water.

The awful hemorrhoids(sorry guys, I know I'm not alone in this) from all of my futile pushing in past attempts to pass a BM? All of my hemorrhoids are gone. The great volume of blood that would come out of me, this also stopped within one or two days of this enema.

This is from I believe the withchazel I added to the mix. Witchhazel stops hemmoraging and shrinks tissue back down to where it should be. Lobelia is a powerful anti-inflammatory. And finally I added shredded slippery Elm, which lubricates and soothes. Look, I know it's faux pas to talk about your ass, and especially with strangers and on the web no doubt. but this stuff works! This mixture stops the bleeding almost immediately. The first time I got it all out, I was in heaven. Real, honest to goodness, bend over and tie your shoes without crying relief!

As I have continued in my treatment, not only are my symptoms all gone, but my weight, muscle tone and strength and energy are returning as well. This really works. I'll shout it from the rooftops, swear on a stack of bibles, etc. Ask me any questions. I have been doing this for months now. It is time tested and proven to me.

For those doubters who surmise this is simply the happenstance of remission, I submit the following. Almost immediately after administration of my treatment, I enter a state of remission. No symptoms. This will last about a day and a half to two days. My UC symptoms unfailingly return Without the continual implementation of this treatment.

If you find any of my observations dubious, I invite you to Google any of my statements and you will find they are all based in proven medical fact. Feel free to post to me any questions, I just want to help.As to the medical establishment, I have informed my gastroenterologist of all my treatments. His response. " Hey if it works, it works."


-Lobelia, witchhazel, slippery elm concoction enema. once nightly, twice if need to pass stools(administer no more than two enemas in a row). I pour no sediment into the enema. I let all solids settle. I pour off only clear liquid for the enema, ensuring this by pouring through a wire mesh strainer.

-1/2 rowasa enema solution mixed with 1/2 vitamin E oil in Rowasa bottle, administered nightly before retiring

-Coffee enema occasionally to cleanse the liver( l know it sounds like quackery but it works.) I use only occasionally as the coffee enema used too often seems to irritate my colon

-Mountain High all natural Baby your Baby yogurt,1 quart/day(has inulin, very good for UC, and is made with whole milk. Cow milkfat is the only outside source of butyrate)
-3 apples a day
-Asacol-3 400mg, 3x/day
-Folic Acid
-Milk Thistle Seed extract
-Flax seed oil
-L Glutamine(very important)
-L Tyrosine
-Alive multivitamin
-Kwai Garlic tabs
-Vitamin B complex sublingual liquid
-Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
-Whole Vitamin D Milk

This combination puts me back in the black and kickin' it.
I wish you all the best!


P.S. A note of caution. Lobelia, while a most helpful herb to me, is known to be hard on the liver when "ingested" in large quantities and with extended use, just like any other drug. Herbs are just naturally grown drugs and can be overdosed on just like manufactured pharmaceuticals.Therefore I found it incumbent upon me to be well educated in its' properties, most importantly its' toxicity symptoms. These include weak pulse, muscle weakness, and feeling overly sedated, to name the most prominent. Lobelia is a very effective sedative. I sleep awesome as I do this just before going to bed. However I have been overly sedated by this drug before. When this happens, I taper down the frequency of my enemas or substitute Lobelia with other less effective herbs. Also, I am very careful to use only the liquid portion of my concoction. When I have been careless and poured in the sediment I have not liked the results. The sediment seems to greatly potentiate lobelias' effects. Also, if I brew it too strong and it makes it into the illeum(last portion of the small intestine) it makes me throw up violently. This is why Lobelia is also called pukeweed, as it is also eaten as an emetic to induce vomititing. So now I keep the big solids out. A wire mesh strainer I have found to be sufficient. I also am a very large man, and the dose I use is what I have tapered down to what is just enough to work. As too much makes me feel ill, too little doesn't have the desired effect. Just the right amount with the proper frequency, I sleep like a baby and spend the next day feeling great and unhindered by UC symptoms.


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Posted 15 November 2005 - 11:59 PM

Hi Alex,
You have gone through an incredible journey and I think it's great that you are better and are able to share your thoughts/remedies. My mom has had Ulcerative Colitis for the past 2 years and she just came back from the hospital due to a flare up. The doctors put her on Prednisone (for the 3rd time) and had her speak to the surgeon just as a future possibility option. From accidents and illnesses, my mom has gone through a lot in the past 6 years and I can tell she is very frustrated and losing hope. She is very weak and I don't want her to lose her colon. After reading your story to my mom, it brought some hope back in her life and we want to try your remedies. She is sick of the prednisone and wants to get off of it. I'm just wandering, would it be a good idea for her to try your enema concoction while she is on the prednisone? What would you recommend she do? I wish I would have read your story before the doctors put her on Prednisone again... now we have to go through the whole tapering off process and hope for the best. Please help! I want my mom to be better without all the awful side-effects of the medication. What should we do?


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Posted 05 November 2005 - 07:18 AM

It strikes me that a person may need to have a near death experience with IBD to get the survival instinct in their blood to hunt down "drastic" alternatives. When faced with surgery, experimenting may not seem any worse, and compounds with unknown toxicity may not be any worse than IV Hydrocortisone. Walk a mile in your shoes and I think it all is justified. Thank goodness that most people are well enough to still see hope in conventional therapy.

Tasting garlic through your colon is very intriguing. It reminds me of how one can smell things when they turn on IV pumps to deliver varous compounts into your veins.

Have you found that the garlic is deteriorating your stool quality? It seems that antibiotics have a loose relationship to the onset of IBD (among other problems) in some cases, and may be altering a healthy balance of probiotics in the intestines. Although, I imagine after such active disease it can't get any worse.

I read years ago that cabbage has "Vitamin U" in it, which is an ulcer healing compound, but it seemed to be more of a natropath concotion without much study into the substance. A Google brought up this:

""Tests conducted on mice demonstrated that methylmethionine-sulfonium chloride (vitamin U) is capable of lowering the permeability of the skin capillaries following the action of stimulants. It greatly potentiates the antiphlogistic effect of acetylsalicylic acid, this action being more pronounced with vitamin U administered one hour before intake of acetlsaliclic acid than when both are taken simultaneously. Given in a dose of 1000 mg/kg vitamin U helps reduce exudation in aseptic serosites in rats. The antiphlogistic effect of vitamin U comes in conjunction with its ability to exercise a protective action against lesion of the gastric mucosa produced by acetylsalicylic acid.

PMID: 1026515 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] ""

The mention of ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) in this test is intriguing, since Rowasa is 5-ASA, chemically differrent but perhaps the Vitamin U has a similar combined effect.


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Posted 29 October 2005 - 06:55 PM

plumeister this is very interesting information. I am impressed with your research, your detail is worth reading. Thank you very much for sharing.

From my perspective, I see your techinque as a 3 part therapy. Supplementation and Nutrition, Sedation and Stimulation (the Lobelia and Witch Hazel Enema), and Topical Therapy (Vitamin E + Mesalamine Enema from below, and Flax Seed Oil from above).

Vitamin E, Mesalamine in the Rowasa, and the Omega 3 Fatty Acids of the Flax Seed Oil seem to all be topically active in different ways, but work untimately as anti-inflammatory. This sounds like very safe and effective treatment, and others who have experimented with alternative thearapy for IBD seem to concur that these can be very useful.

The most interesting part of your therapy is the Lobelia and Witch Hazel enema concoction you use.

Lobelia is also known as "Indian Tobacco" because the active ingredient is very similar to Nicotine, with less (or no) addictive properties. We know from research that Nicotine has a protective effect on Ulcerative Colitis, and in studies Nicotiene patches induced remission greater than placebo (close to 50% versus 25%). Unfortunately, the significant side effects of theraputic Nicotine make it an unattractive long-term thearpy. Lobelia used to be the main component of many anti-smoking products until banned by the FDA in 1993 for that use, as they declared it ineffective.

As an enema, Lobelia would seem to also have a stimulant effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which may be somewhat along the same lines as what the caffine content in the coffee enema might be doing. It is also a sedative and muscle relaxant which would very effectively treat pain and spasms.

Witch Hazel is an anti-oxidant, astringent, and mild sedative, used often to heal wounds. A powerful complement to the Lobelia.

I respect you very much for cautioning us on the dangers of Lobelia, as it does appear to be a very powerful active ingredient. But I'm surprised a common herb has such a combination of useful effects, one which is not recognized by modern medicine. I commend you again for your research. Oddly enough I found your post while looking for references to Slippery Elm, which seems to have some mild protective effects on the intestines from it's plentiful mucilage.

To answer your question directly, "why doesn't anyone else want their life back," I will not use use the Lobelia and Witch Hazel enema as I believe it doesn't address the causal factors of Inflammation, and it may actually worsen Chron's dissease and illeitis for the same reason it helps UC. Nicotiene was known for this odd dual effect. But for individuals with severe Ulcerative Colitis, this may be very effective against the symptoms, and possibly worth the risks to get their life back. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctors name this UC therapy in your honor after they finally figure things out in 100 years.

Your reasearch and decision to use this thearapy to keep your colon in your body and functioning is quite heroic.

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Posted 30 January 2018 - 03:32 PM

I came here to say that I found this post while searching for Vitamin E enemas, but it ended up saving me. Your description of why only liquids were passing made a ton of sense and really helped change my strategy and pull myself out of a flare. I still have a long way to go but the healing process seems to taking hold. Thank you for sharing your insights. My Dr. had it all wrong and your explanation helped me a great deal. Thanks again. 

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 03:55 AM

I have Colitis Ulcerosa and I am after colectomy with the selection of a j-pouch tank.
Diagnosed in 2009, so I am not a newby with my desase.
Since my last operation I am struggling with continuous inflammation. 
The last section of the large intestine, which I have now only 10 cm is non stop on fire !
Sometimes i got remission but only for a moment and very rarely. 
Of course I very frequenty have to defecate (diarrhea often with blood)
Almost never saw the normal shape of ######, to be honest it's like only liquids going out of me,  because I have almost no more colon
After last medical examination doctor offered me to cut the rest of my colon ( these 10 cm ) promising me that it would give me finally relief.
In the last days I have learned how important for human body is bacterial flora and now I am considering what to do with my last part of fat colon.
For sure billions of good and bad bacteria have their place to live in this part of colon.
It's easy to cut out something from body, you can do it anytime, so I decided to try one more time fight for my life :) and don't accept any surgery.
I heard about so many ppl who cured themself without using drugs like steroids which are totally destroying body, what I know from autopsy.
So why I should not achive it ? LoL I will.
If anyone had similar problems like me and want to share his story please contact with me here or by e-mail: [email protected]
If someone want to give me any tips or advise go ahead I will be very thankfull.
I already tried many stuff, you know drugs, diets, herbs but still didn't found the perfect mix of it for my body.
The spring has finally came, which will make most of us feel much better ! :D
Bla Bla Bla Have a good night folks !

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Posted 19 April 2018 - 05:49 AM

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